TAG SNAG (20 Questions Book Tag)

In case you hadn't noticed, I'M KINDA EXCITED ABOUT THIS TAG. Technically I wasn't tagged for this one (at least not that I'm aware of o.o) but I've seen it around, and so many bloggers have been like 'Yea dude take the tag' at the end of their posts and I love books and want … Continue reading TAG SNAG (20 Questions Book Tag)

Meet My Dog: Retta

This is a very important blog post. We all have that special pooch, the one fur baby, our best ever fuzzy wuzzy buddy. I love my potato dog so much this blog post is all for her. My Retta Roo. CAUTIONARY NOTE: IF THE MENTION OF ANIMAL ABUSE AND ALCOHOL IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU … Continue reading Meet My Dog: Retta