Some Nice Things About Winter!

Hello, friends! I’m a little sad I didn’t end up making a Christmas blog post, but I am here now with an end of the year wrapup/new years kinda/winter post. I think you’re going to like this one. Unfortunately it mainly applies mostly to the Northern folks, so if you live somewhere southern or if you don’t have snow during winter, I’m not sure what to tell you but I hope you still like the blog post!

Winter gets a bad rap a lot of the time. I know it kinda sucks with all the snow making it hazardous to travel, the way the cold makes your nose run and then freezes the snot to your face. . . yeah, it kinda sucks. And in that lonely spell between between Christmas and Spring, it can be very hard to like. It’s cold for another month, then Valentine’s Day comes around with all the free chocolate, then the snow is all slushy and it’s still cold.

But like any other season, winter has it’s cons and its pros, too! So buckle up, you’re about to hear a Northerner defend winter. Here are: Some Nice Things About Winter

Frost Patterns

If you wake up early enough (or if it stays cold enough throughout the day) you can get some pretty neat frost patterns on your windows. I like to pretend Jack Frost made them and whisper ‘I believe in you’ before continuing on with my morning routine. (If you think I’m weird you’re weird for not understanding that Rise of The Guardians reference)

You Have An Excuse To Stay In Your PJ’s, Baggy Sweaters, Blankies, etc. and drink warm tea all day

Unless of course you have responsibilities. In which case, blehh, but the weekend always exists.

Snowball fights (duh)

If you don’t have anyone to have a snowball fight with, then gather some friends and schedule one, goshdarnit. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, tell me how it goes. If that doesn’t work out, throw a snowball at your nearest neighbor and see what happens. I’m not responsible for the results.


Even if you don’t have pets, I’m sure you’ll find bird or squirrel tracks somewhere. Whatever wildlife stumbles across the snow will make some very adorable tracks. Something about paw prints in the snow. . . just makes me so happy.


I know this isn’t a universal experience, but the theatre group in my area has a play ever Fall/Winter. (Most of the time performance dates are technically before winter actually comes, but the weather doesn’t adhere to dates… so yeah, I’m putting this here)

Whenever I think of winter, I also think of the frosty evening air hitting my face as I step out of the car, rushing to get inside the building and then into costume. I think of waiting backstage, listening eagerly for my scene to come up as I stare out frosty windows to the busy street. I think of the anticipation that comes just before the curtain rolls back. I think of that certain smell the stage props have.

I remember sharing cookies and other delicious baked goods with friends and family after the last performance, and of course the hilarious before-performance dance offs we have to get the nerves out.

Even if the season ahead looks long and dreary, I hope I managed to spark some cheer into your winter. Wear those fuzzy socks, stare at those Christmas lights, very carefully inch over the fine sheet of ice on that sidewalk, and I’ll see you pickles next year! ❤

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